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My name is Jeff Babcock, and I am the owner of Babcock Body wear. Functionality and style is what my underwear line is all about. I have personally bought many pairs of underwear over the years, and have realized what works and what doesn't work.  So no gimmicks with my line, just quality construction and style.  Considering our work hard/play hard atmosphere, I felt that we need underwear that lasts thoughout the day while still looking great!

Here in Hawaii, its not unusual for people to surf at sun up, then go to work, and then hit the gym after work.  So it was important for me to make underwear that would stand up to that treatment, and still feel great at the end of the day. Hence, the material I use are high quality, long lasting.  My boxer and briefs are 100% modal, which lasts longer than cotton, feel softer than cotton, provides great, breathable support.  You are going to enjoy it a lot longer than many of other brands out there. The Polyester briefs are fun, colorful, and comfortable with a breathable jersey-like material. The jocks are 100 % cotton pouches with a custom designed strap support. I think you will find that my underwear are going to become your favorite underwear to wear from now on.

Enjoy shopping and please let us know what colors or styles you would like to see next. We have many ideas of our own that we are working on, so this is just the start. I love when customers send me photos of themselves in their Babcock underwear (and please let me know if you would like to be on the website in the future).

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